Meadowbank Station

Meadowbank Station  -  1986

Abbeyhill Station  -  One of the special shuttle trains from Edinburgh Waverley Station to the Commonwealth Games at Meadowbank Stadium

 Miles Cumming, Edinburgh                                                                                                                                      Photograph 1986


Abbeyhill Station

Commonwealth Games - 1986

Meadowbank station was specially opened for the duration of the Commonwealth Games, held at Meadowbank Stadium in 1986.

A shuttle service operated between Edinburgh Waverley station and Meadowbank station during the games.  The only intermediate station on this route was was the remains of Abbeyhill station, long since closed.  Here is the shuttle passing through the old Abbeyhill station on its way to Meadowbank.

The headboard on this train reads:

'ScotRail Commonwealth Games Shuttle'

followed by logos for British Rail and the Commonwealth Games

Commonwealth Games - 1986

Here is a photo of Abbeyhill station taken probably in the early 1900s.  Abbeyhill station remained open to passenger traffic until 1964.

Abbeyhill Station



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