Edinburgh Leith & Granton Railway

Scotland Street Tunnel

Brick building built in Scotland Street Tunnel during WW2  -  Photographed 2006

Scotland Street Tunnel  -  World War 2 brigk buildings  -  photographed 2006

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to  Nick Catford.                                                                                 Photographed 2006


Scotland Street Tunnel


From 1842 until 1868, trains from the north to Canal Street Station in Princes Street were hauled up the final part of their journey  through Scotland Street Tunnel by a stationery steam engine at Canal Street Station.

This line was extended to link Canal Street station with Granton Harbour in 1847.

Below is a view of the tunnel where it emerges into Waverley Station opposite Platform 19.

Zoom in to the old terminus of Canal Street Station  -  closed for over 130 years  -  opposite platform 19 at Waverley Station

World War 2

During World War 2, the tunnel was used as an air raid shelter and as wartime emergency headquarters with brick and wooden buildings built by the London & North Eastern Railway. 

Here is photograph of a sign erected during World War 2:

Scotland Street Tunnel  -  World War 2 sign  -  photographed 2006




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