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Texaco Oil Plant

on the old Caledonian Railway Line between
Granton Square and Granton Gas Works


Granton Station  -  Where and when?

   Steve Wakefield                                                                                                                                                 Photo taken:  1978-79




Steve Wakefield

Thank you to Steve Wakefield for sending me a copy of the photo that he took in 1978-79 on the railway line between Granton Square

Granton Square

    Looking down on Granton Square and across to Granton Harbour  -  possibly about 1950

and Granton Gas Works.

Granton Gas Works Station

    Granton Gas Works  Station, Official Opening of the Gas Works,  1903

The tanks at the Texaco Oil Plant can be seen in the upper-left corner of the  photo at the top of this page.

Departing from
Texaco Oil Plant

    Granton Station  -  Where and when?

Both Granton Gas Works and the Texaco Oil Plant have now closed and the land is being developed for housing as part of the Edinburgh Waterfront project.

Steve wrote:

Loco 37081

"This photo is of 37081 undertaking its shunting duties at the Texaco Oil Plant.  Its train was split into two and reversed into the terminal. The locomotive would then travel to Granton square and sit beside the bothy opposite the pub and bakery, before returning to the terminal for its return working to Grangemouth.  I took this photo around 1978-79"

Granton Square

"Things were a lot different then.  During the school holidays, after getting to know some of the drivers, a friend and I used to be given the task of looking after the loco.

We sat in the cab while the train crew visited the pub for lunch.  Somehow I don't think that would go down well these days.

This is what got me interested in railways.  \We even had a shot of driving the loco on a couple of occasions.

Steve Wakefield, January 2, 2013




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