Steam Passenger Transport

'The Favorite'


Light Traction Engine and Trailer

Steam Passenger Transport, 1870  -  Light Traction Engine and Trailer, 'New Favorite'

Copyright TfL (Transport for London).  Reproduced with acknowledgement to London Transport Museum


'The Favorite'

Thank you to TfL for allowing me to reproduce this photograph.

The photo appeared in LAG Strong's book, The Rolling Road, with the caption:


"A Scottish development of steam propulsion, 1870.  This' handsome and commodious vehicle' could carry 65 passengers."

I could find no other mention of 'this vehicle in The Rolling Road.

However, the Edinburgh author,  DLG Hunter, wrote:

Light Traction Engines
Leith Docks

"... These machines of six horsepower and weighing under six tons had india-rubber tyres and were being successfully used in 1870 to haul substantial loads to the docks and elsewhere. ..."

Passenger Transport
Edinburgh & Leith

"An omnibus proprietor, Mr A Ritchie, thought this machine might be an improvement on his horse buses between Edinburgh and Leith, and he had a passenger carrying trailer built by Messrs Drew and Barnet.

This rather cumbersome vehicle was carried on a single axle, and seated 21 passengers inside. 44 passengers could be carried on top and were protected - in some measure - by an awning."


"When the outfit had been tried with success, Mr Ritchie was prevailed upon to run it on the Portobello route instead, and this service started on 2 June 1870, the vehicle rejoicing in the name 'New Favorite'."

 'Edinburgh's Transport: The Early Years'  (DLG Hunter):  pp.11-12