Engraving from Modern Athens - published 1829

Waverley Market

Waverley Market

North Bridge and Arthur's Seat in the background

Engraving from 'Modern Athens'  -  hand-coloured  -  Waverley Market

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Ian Smith


Drawn by Thomas H Shepherd

Engraved by J Johnstone


Waverley Market

The site here is now occupied by Edinburgh's Waverley Railway Station.  But in 1829 it was a market-place for fish and vegetables.

The attractive lines of the old North Bridge, for which the foundation stone was laid in 1763, can be seen in the foreground, with the houses of Old Edinburgh and their smoking chimneys behind.

Several lives were lost when the southern end of this bridge collapsed shortly after its completion.  The bridge had to be rebuilt, with major costly strengthening before it could be used.

This bridge was replaced by the present wider North Bridge around the end of the nineteenth century.

In the background is Arthur's Seat and Salisbury Crags. The church at the right is the Tron Kirk at the junction where North Bridge crosses the Royal Mile.


Engravings from Modern Athens  -  Published 1829

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