Curling Match

Hogmanay 1913

Curling Match at Duddingston  -  December 31, 1913

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Margeorie Mekie, Portobello, Edinburgh


Outdoor Curling Match

Thank you to Margeorie Mekie, Portobello, Edinburgh for allowing me to reproduce this postcard, and to Archie Young, Moredun, Edinburgh for telling me about this postcard in response to a question about one of my own photographs.

I asked:

"Where and when was this photograph taken?"

Photograph of an outdoor curling match  -  Where and when?

The photo at the top of this page, and other Duddingston curling photos from Margeorie's collection, certainly show that my photo was taken at Duddingston.

I don't know whether or not my photo was taken on the same occasion as the photos on the postcards - the Final of the Belfrage Cup, played on December 31, 1913.




Archie Young

Moredun, Edinburgh

Thank you to Archie Young for telling me a little about Duddingston Curling Club.

Archie wrote:

Duddingston Curling Club

"The Nor' Loch used to be Edinburgh's favourite venue for curling, but when it was drained in the 18th century Duddingston Loch began to attract Edinburgh curlers.

The membership fee for the Duddingston society was three guineas and the club attracted the most distinguished curlers from all over Scotland.

The Duddingston society was the first to introduce a membership badge, and members who failed to wear it on the ice were fined a shilling."

Rules of Curling

"In 1803, the Society established the first code of rules for the game 'to avoid disputes and ensure harmony amongst the members.  these were used as the basis for the rules of modern curling.

The rules included fines for 'uttering oaths and introduce political subjects into conversation'."

Archie Young:  Moredun, Edinburgh:  January 27, 2010



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