Children in




A group of nine children at Dumbiedykes in the mid-1950s

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Jean Rae, Southside, Edinburgh

Children in Dumbiedykes

Thank you to Jean Rae for this photograph of children in Dumbiedykes in the mid-1950s, and for also providing these names:

Back Row

 (left to right)





Peter Bottomley

Back Row

 (left to right)

Jamesie Fraser

Helen Urquhart (from 2nd Balcony, Dumbiedykes Road)


Jean Aithie



Do you recognise where this photograph was taken?

 If so,  please e-mail me.    Thank you.  - Peter Stubbs:  October 26, 2006


Thank you to Jean Rae for telling me that the photo was taken in Dumbiedykes Road.  The houses in the background are 'The Brickies'. 

- Peter Stubbs:  November 1, 2006



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