Granton Primary School Class Photograph


A Granton School Class  -  1962

A school class at Granton School in 1962.

©  Norman Watson.      Thank you also to Grant King, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, for supplying the copy of this photograph.


Granton Primary School


Thank you to Grant King, Aberdeenshire, Scotland (who has previously sent me his recollections of Granton Harbour) for sending me this photograph of his class at Granton Primary School in 1962

The pupils in this photo are (left to right):



3rd ROW

(Row next to back)

2nd ROW

(Row next to front)



John Aitken

Robert McCrindle

Ronnie McCrindle

Janet Brien,

Ronnie Macrindle

Ronnie ?


Gordon Cullen

Grant King,

 Patricia Evans

John Oswald)


Billy Henderson

Patricia Thomson

Jeana Nimmo

Gina Nimmo

Douglas Archibald


Alan Fairgrieve

Pamela Terris

Pamela Anderson (?)

Catherine Venters

George Laird


Alan Paterson

Colin Smart (?)

Linda Shields

Lorraine Johnstone

Alan Georgeson


Norman Cochran

Evelyn Baxter

Evelyn Ross

Fay Blackie

Faye Blackie

Robert Buchanan

Rab ?


John Lamb

Arlene Colbron

June Graham

Edward Griffin

Brian Griffin


David Meldrum

Jane Alexander

Charlotte Lindsay



Mr MacKay
Mr McKay

Alfred Ainslie

Fred Ainslie

Catherine Ramage




David Macpherson

David ?

Caroline Grieve





Margo Pae

Margo Payne





May Yarrick


Thank you to:

Grant King for identifying  those shown in purple above.

-  Berta Edgar (née Yarrick) for identifying those in green above.

-  Brenda Keen (née Griffin) for identifying those in blue above

-  Caroline  Hendry (née Grieve) for all the remaining names above.

Berta added that she is the sister of May Yarrick (2nd row).

Unfortunately May died of cancer in 2007.

Berta believes that Ronnie McCrindle is in fact in the front row.

Raymond Hendry has confirmed this.



Grant King, Aberdeenshire, Scotland:  December 14, 2006

Berta Edgar, Erskine, Renfrewshire, Scotland:  March 15, 2008

Brenda Keen (née Griffin), Suffolk, England:  November 18, 2010

Caroline Hendry (née Grieve), Boswall, Edinburgh: February 28+29, 2012


Around 1950

Here is another photograph of a class at Granton Primary School, with the same building in the background as in the photo at the top of this page.  The photo below was taken around 1950:

A school class at Granton School around 1950 ©


Norman Watson


I was surprised to see that this photograph was taken by Norman Watson, Penrith, rather than by an Edinburgh photographer or Prophet of Dundee.

I have not been able to trace what has happened to the Norman Watson business.  Did it, perhaps, have some connection with the Edinburgh photographer, Norman Watson who had a studio at 8 Albany Street from 1857 until 1959?

If you can tell me anything about Norman Watson, please e-mail me.

Thank you.  -  Peter Stubbs, December 18, 2006

Thank you to Phil Wilson who replied:

"I've just been reading the page about Granton School with photos, including one taken in 1962 by Norman Watson.

I have one of myself, taken officially at Wardie School, by Norman Watson, Penrith, which I had roughly and quite independently dated 1962.  It looks like he may have gone for, and got, the local contract that year.

The number on the back of my photo in pencil is 12309."

Phil Wilson, Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland:  March 4, 2007



Peter Gardiner

Adelaide, South Australia

Thank you to Peter Gardiner who wrote:

Move from Australia

"After a very different childhood in Australia, I ended up spending a year at Granton Primary School, before moving on to Norton Park Secondary School."


"If you could imagine a 12-year-old arriving from endless blue skies and sun into Granton in November, you may get an idea of the initial shock.

We were a family of 7, jammed into my grandmother's flat on Granton Crescent. After being quizzed on my very first day by a school inspector in, of all places the toilets on Granton Square, I was accused of being a truant, and he came banging on our door."

Unhappy Start

"The school was a nightmare.  For the first time I saw kids belted.  I walked to school in the slush.  The view of smoke from the school dinner block was like a concentration camp.

Within a week i was infested with lice.  I was run down and my face was with cold sores.   Just to cap things off, my mother sent me to school  in plus-4 trousers, and a doctor's bag, which caused great hilarity.  I'm sure many will not forget."

School Bully

"I'll always fondly remember:

Isobel Tulmullio, the girl who stood up for me after I unwittingly accepted a fight from the school bully.

Miss Laidlaw, the great teacher who who persisted with me, despite my being a duck out of water."

School Library

"In the end, the skies brightened and i discovered the school Library.  I worked my way through all of Richmal Crompton's 'William' books and developed an undiminished love of books."

Peter Gardiner, Adelaide, South Australia:  September 1, 2010



David MacPherson

Granton, Edinburgh

David MacPherson posted a message in the EdinPhoto Guestbook, saying:

Remember Me?

"I'd like to contact anyone who was in this 1962 Granton Primary School class photo."

A school class at Granton School in 1962 ©

David MacPherson, Granton, Edinburgh:  Message posted in EdinPhoto Guestbook:  29 Sep 2013


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