Members of the Keith Family at

Salisbury Street


Photo 1

     The Keith Family in the Dumbiedykes area ©

Photo 2

     The Keith Family in the Dumbiedykes area ©

Photo 3

    The Keith Family in the Dumbiedykes area ©


The Keith Family

Christine Anderson wrote:


"My grandparents, Maggie Keith (1888-1970) and David Keith (1884 -1937) and their family lived in various abodes around the Dumbiedykes. Granny Keith was a 'women of substance', an astute business woman with a variety of shops .

"Here are some photos of Margaret and David and their family.

Photo 1 was taken around 1916.  The children are (left to right):

-  David
-  John
-  James.

Photo 2  is a photo of  (left to right):

David Keith 1884 –1937
Painter/House Decorator

-  Margaret Keith (née Connelly) 1888-1970
Owner of various shops Pleasance /Salisbury Street area.

-  John Keith 1908-1981.

Photo 3 was taken at the top of Salisbury Street in 1942.  McLellans the Dairy was round the corner. 
In this photo are
(left to right):

-  Betty Keith
-  James Keith
-  Maggie Keith

Shops and Hospital

"I have early memories of a Greengrocer / Painter and House Decorator business.  Then, in 1939-45, the country was at war.

We stayed in 13 Salisbury Street.  Granny stayed in No. 2 .  Her  shop was No. 1 as shown in Neg D9248 called the' Greengrocer

Round the corner, in the Pleasance, was a 'second-hand' shop - an exchange for money.  Also round the corner was the Deaconess Hospital.  As bairns, we were regulars there.

Christine Anderson, née Keith, Duddingston, Edinburgh:
emails, April 11, 2012 and 1 May 2012



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