St Patrick's School

School Uniform

School Uniform

Dumbiedykes Survey Photograph - 1959  -  St John's Hill

©  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Carol Bell (née Welsh)


Dougie McLeod

Broughton, Edinburgh

Dougie McLeod wrote:

School Badge

"We're still looking for a photo of the St Pat's school badge, which we know existed, but seems to be very elusive to find."

Dougie McLeod, Broughton, Edinburgh:  January 10+23, 2011




Carol Bell (née Welsh)

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

St Patrick's School Uniform

Thank you to Carol Bell for responding to a message from Dougie McLeod, asking if anybody had photos showing the badge on the St Pat's school uniform.

Carol send the photograph above.  The badge is not very clear on this photo but Carol tells me that the letters in the top corners of the triangle on this badge are 'S' and 'P', and she believes that the main motif in the badge is a torch.

Carol added:


"This photo is of my sons, Edward and Raymond Bell in their school uniforms.  Both my sons attended St Pat's from 1969 to 1974."

School Uniform

"St Pat's uniform was:

-   green blazer

-  green and white tie

-  white shirt

-  grey trousers or skirt

-  grey socks.

School Uniform

"There was an 'S' on the top left, a 'P'  on the top right and, I think, an 'S' at the bottom of the badge.  I think the main motif in the badge was a flame or a torch, but I cannot be sure.

I just hope that someone with a good memory, seeing the badge, might be able to remember what was in the middle."

Carol Bell (née Welsh):  Melbourne, Victoria, Australia:  June 20+27, 2011



Patricia Miller

Saudi Arabia

Thank you to Patricia Miller, Saudi Arabia, for confirming that the initials on the school badge were 'S P S'

Patricia wrote

St Patrick's School Badge

"I always remember my mum teasing me about 'S P S' on the school badge, and saying that it stood for Silly People's School."

Patricia Miller, Saudi Arabia:  June 17, 2012



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