Wardie Primary School

Wardie Primary School Pupils  -  around 1950-51 or 1951-52

A class at Wardie Primary School, around 1950-51

©  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Jeanette Livermore (née Conquer), Buckinghamshire, England.  Photographer not known




Jeanette Livermore (née Conquer)

Buckinghamshire, England

Thank you to Jeanette Livermore (née Conquer), Buckinghamshire, England, for sending me a copy of this photo.

Jeanette wrote:

Wardie Primary School Class

"I was at Wardie school from 1950-56, then I went on to Trinity Academy, 1956-60, then  to The Dean Nursing College where I trained as a nurse at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary.

I can give you the names of a few of the pupils in this photo including Bruce Johnstone who has already contacted you."

 Jeanette Livermore (née Conquer), Buckinghamshire, England:  26+26+27 September 2015

I've sent an email to Jeanette, telling her that it would be good to receive some of the pupils' names.  When I receive her reply, I'll update the table below.

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  29 September 2015



Primary School

A class at Wardie Primary School, around 1950-51 ©

Around 1950-51 or 1951-52

I'll add names to this table when Jeanette (or anybody else) sends any to me.


1st Row
Back Row

2nd Row

3d Row

4th Row
Front Row

1 Bruce Johnstone Isobel Huston Margaret Dempster Martin ...?...
2 Ken Sutherland
Alistair  ...?....
  Jennifer Milne  
3 Gordon Skene
Gordon  ...?....
Moira Somerville Ray Anderson  
4 Ellis Armstrong Joy Hope Anne Liston Alan Barn
Alan  ...?....
5 John Bell Carol Liston Jeanette Conquer Roy Oliver
Oliver  ...?....
6 Martin O'Neill Joyce Paterson
Joyce  ...?....
Mary Hogg James Primrose
7 Richard Saxty Ruth Anderson   Ian McGregor
Ian  ...?....
8   Carol Kane
Carol  ...?....
Mary Buchan Kenneth Murray
Kenneth  ...?....
9 Stewart Finlayson
Gwyneth Harwood
Gwyneth  ...?....
Irene Notman  
10 Bernard Milne   Barbara Pearson  

Name provided by:

 -  Jeanette Livermore (née Conquer), Buckinghamshire, England:  26 September 2015
    Jeanette wrote
"These are some of the names, including a few guesses. 
    I hope other folk will be able to fill in some of the gaps and correct my guesses."

 -  Bruce Johnstone, Haddington, East Lothian, Scotland:  15 January 2017



North Edinburgh

Cramond - Granton - Royston - Trinity -  Wardie


Granton:  transport map 1932

Granton:  small map 1870

Granton:  large map 1870


Cramond:                        from 1940s

Cramond Island:              1970s

Granton:                           1930s   1940s   1950s   1970s

Granton, Trinity, Wardie:  1940s   1950s - 60s   Shops

Lower Granton Road        all dates

Muirhouse                         from 1930s

Pilton:                               1940 bomb

Royston:                            from 1930s

Wardie School:                 1930s    1940s   1950s

                                         1960s    1970s   1980s


Granton, Trinity, Wardie:  from 1544


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