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David Lindsay, Stonemasons  -  West Shore Road, Edinburgh  -  1991

Lindsay Stonemasons

Central Demolition - a worker supervises the burning of material during the demolition of Edinburgh's Northern General Hospital

Central Demolition

Northern General Hospital

Farrier and Horse 

Farrier and Horse

Row 2

Leith Dry Docks

Alexandra Dry Dock

Gardyloo in Leith Dry Docks  -  1

Leith Dry Docks
Gardyloo - 1

Gardyloo in Leith Dry Docks  -  2 

Leith Dry Docks
Gardyloo - 2

Row 3

North British Distillery  -  The Cooperage Yard 

North British Distillery

Scottish & Newcastle Breweries  -  The Yard

Scottish & Newcastle Brewery

Caledonian Brewery  -  Real Ale 

Caledonian Brewery

Row 4

Burton's Biscuits

Burton's Biscuits

Newhaven Fishmarket  -  1 

Newhaven Fishmarket - 1

Newhaven Fishmarket  2 

Newhaven Fishmarket - 2


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   Alexander McLennan with his hammer, in the middle of his blacksmiths workshop at Powderhall 

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