Inverleith Terrace

Inverleith Terrace is about a mile to the north of the centre of Edinburgh.  It runs along the southern edge of Edinburgh's Royal Botanic Gardens.

Looking to the east along Inverleith Terrace.  No 35 is the nearest house

Early 1900s

Looking to the east along Inverleith Terrace - No 35 is the nearest house  -  around 1900

   Reproduced with acknowledgement to Penny Kidd, New Zealand.
Penny is the 2nd great grand-niece of James Lindsay who built the house.


Looking to the east along Inverleith Terrace

The photograph above looks to the east along Inverleith Terrace from the western end of the street.  The house in the foreground is 35 Inverleith Terrace.  The photo was taken probably in the early 1900s, soon after the house had been built.

Penny tells me that the photo above was published as a postcard but there was no name of the photographer or of the publisher on the postcard, and there is no stamp on her copy of the card.

However the card has a 'divided back', one half to be used for the message and the other for the address, so it must have been published in 1902 or later.


Penny, New Zealand, February 11+12, 2008

This is one of two early photos of the house sent to me by Penny, New Zealand.  Here is the other photo.

The corner of Inverleith Terrace and Arboretum Avenue - around 1900

Here is how the house looked about a century later, in 2010:

View of 35 Inverleith Terrace from the west


History of 35 Inverleith Terrace

Inverleith Terrace Photos