Princes Street  -  West End


Princes Street  -  West End

The Postcard

Early postcard by an unidentified publisher  -  Princes Street, West End

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Above is an early postcard, printed on light blue card (front and back).   It has an undivided back and was posted to Turin, Italy in 1901

The Location

This view looks to the West End of Princes Street from the north-west.

Maule's Department Store, later to become Binns, then Fraser's store, is on the left.  The clock has not yet been added to this store.

The clock in the centre of the street in front of St John's Church has now gone, as the road layout has changed more than once to help the traffic to flow.

Tram at the West End of Princes Street

In the centre of the view on the blue postcard above are St John's Church and St Cuthbert's Church, with Edinburgh Castle just visible on Castle Hill in the background.

On the right-hand side of the picture is the site of Princes Street Station, with the Caledonian Hotel above it.



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