Heriot Mount

1953 Coronation  -  Street Party

Street Party  -  1953

   Heriot Mount Coronation Street Party, Dumbiedykes  -  1953 ©

©  Photo taken by Wullie Croal and reproduced with acknowledgement also to his son, Tam Croal.


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  Heriot Mount Coronation Street Party, Dumbiedykes  -  1953 ©


Heriot Mount

1953 Coronation  -  Street Party

This photograph looks down from the steps into Holyrood Park towards the accordion player in the centre of Heriot Mount, with a good audience around him and bunting across the street.

Does anybody recognise any of the people in this picture?




Diane Lewis (née Paterson)

Bonnington, Edinburgh

Thank you to Diane Lewis (née Paterson) who wrote:

Street Party

"I, too, was at the Street Party for the Coronation.  I lived at No 6 Heriot Mount from birth (1944) until 1961.  I was age nine at the time of the party.

I remember there being far more people there than the photo suggests.  I had never seen so many neighbours in the street before."


"I remember that in the recesses at either side of the Park Steps two chairs had been done up as thrones for the two eldest residents!

One was Mrs Jolly from No.8 whom I knew quite well as my Grandparents also lived in No.8.

The other could have been Mrs MacPherson, also of No.8, but I'm not sure."


"It was a great day, enjoyed by all.  Towards the end, we children had to go through the entry of No.8, to the backgreen, where we were each given fruit and sweeties (and pennies?).  We came out through the entry of No.6, back intro the street again.

We were also given Coronation Mugs and packets of Merrills at our school.  I've still got my mug."

Wullie Croal

"I remember Wullie Croal taking many photographs around the area during these years.  His daughters, especially Joyce, were my pals."

Diane Lewis (née Paterson), Bonnington, Edinburgh:  August 7 + 9, 2010




Frank Ferri

Newhaven, Edinburgh

Thank you to Frank Ferri who wrote:

Victor Rafelli

"The shop on the right-hand corner of Heriot Mount at the time of this Coronation Street Party in 1953 was owned by the parents of a very dear friend of mine, who passed away some three or four years ago, Victor Rafelli

He had a sister Virginia and younger brother Eric. Their house was in the stair just before the shop. He went to St Patrick's school, the on to St Anthony's at Lochend Rd where we became friends, I think the Italian connection brought us together. 

Although I lived in Ballantyne Road Leith, in my teens I spent a lot of time with him and his friends in Dumbiedykes. We would play cricket in the valley just below Salisbury Crags and even frequently climb up a chimney (mountaineering term) in the crags face.

He was well known in among the greyhound racing fraternity at Powderhall and at tracks outwith the city. For a while he worked for several prominent bookmakers and for many years a was member of Edinburgh City Club at Blenheim Place.

I wonder if anyone remembers the Rafelli family."

Frank Ferri, Newhaven, Edinburgh:  June 28, 2011



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