London Road

Winnie Butler

Open-top cable cars or trams at London Road, Meadowbank

 Reproduced with acknowledgement to Richard Keltie, Glasgow, Scotland.
Winnie (in the photograph above) is Richard's mother


London Road

The View

Thank you to Richard Keltie for allowing me to reproduce this photograph of his late mother, Winifred (Winnie) Butler.

Richard wrote:


"Here is a family photo from 1921.  It's my late mother, Winifred (Winnie) Butler.  On the reverse of the photo, my late grandmother wrote that it was taken in London Road.

I haven't been able to check if the buildings are still there.  Any idea where they were?"

Richard Keltie, Glasgow, Scotland:  May 9, 2011


The wall with the arches behind Winnie in this photo is the frontage of London Road Foundry, on London Road to the west of the junction with Marionville Road.

Winnie Butler standing in London Road, 1921

The foundry closed and was demolished in 1996 to make way Meadowbank Retail Park shopping complex that opened the following year.

Here is a photo what remained of the foundry wall in 1996.  The framework of the shopping centre being built can be seen in the background of this photo:

London Road Foundry wall being demolished to make way for Meadowbank Retail Park  -  1996

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh: May 17, 2011




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