Views around Dumbiedykes  -  Photography by Wullie Croal

The Pleasance

near the top of Arthur Street

The Pleasance  -  near the top of Arthur Street

Photograph of Woodard & Son in the Pleasance, near the top of Arthur Street  -  photograph taken by Wullie Croal

  Photograph reproduced with acknowledgement to Tam and Wullie Croal


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   Photograph of Woodard & Son in the Pleasance, near the top of Arthur Street  -  photograph taken by Wullie Croal

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   Dumbiedykes Survey Photograph - 1959  -  Waste ground behind The Pleasance


The Pleasance

Thank you to Eric Gold, East End, London and to Tam Croal, Edinburgh for identifying this location.

Eric wrote:

"I think the Woodward & Son shop in this photo was next to Young Brothers' bakers shop in the Pleasance,  at the top of the brae (Arthur Street).  You can see Oakfield Close next to Young Brothers

 I will await Tams verdict, but I would gamble on it."

Eric Gold  July 2, 2006

Tam confirmed the location and added:

"Woodards was a clock and watch repairer.

There used to be a big clock in Woodward's window.  He took it out one day and all the locals went mad because everybody used it all the time when passing."

Tam Croal  July 3, 2006

Eric added:

"I have done a wee bit of detective work on this photo.

When the shot was taken, the top of the brae was knocked down.  I know they left the church which was used then to make pipes for organs and in the background you can see my nursery which I'm sure, years before I was born, was a brewery. It still stands to this day.  With the Edinburgh Festival coming up soon they have fringe shows, and I'm positive the Pleasance Theatre stands.

Also if you look through Oakfield Close there is a white building so I reckon that was the new houses under construction in 1967. The area in shot was pulled down say 1969 to 1971.  I know they left it standing for a wee while and when I used to come home on leave from working on the Queen Mary I said to the taxi driver driving me home from Waverly station to Craigmillar via the Pleasance "I thought these buildings would be knocked down by now."

I did have a stroll along there with my family just before I was transferred to the QE2 on her maiden voyage in May 1969.  So, that's my detective work done.

Eric Gold  July 3, 2006



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