Richmond Lane

Looking NW

July 2008

Looking to the NW down Richmond Lane  -  July 2008

Peter Stubbs                                                                                 Photograph taken July 8, 2008


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   Richmond Lane  -  Looking NW  -  July 2008


Richmond Lane

This photo was taken in July 2008, looking NW up Richmond Lane towards West Richmond Street.

On the Left

The back of the old school in Davie Street can be seen over the high wall on the left.  Here is the front of the school, now converted to housing, facing onto Davie Street.

Davie Street Primary School  -  July 2008

Beyond the school, not seen in this photo is The Apostolic Church at the corner of West Richmond Street and Richmond Lane.

On the Right

The land on the right is now part of the grounds of St Leonard's Medical Centre.  This land used to be the back yards of the houses on the west side of South Richmond Street, demolished around the late 1920s.


Here is another photo was taken from about the same position in Richmond Lane.  It was 80 years earlier, shortly before many of the buildings in the area were demolished:

St Leonard's District -  1920s


St Leonards District


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