Dumbiedykes Survey Photographs  -  1959 Survey

St Leonard's Lane

St Leonard's Lane - 1959

Dumbiedykes Survey Photograph - 1959  -  St Leonard's Lane, looking towards Salisbury Crags

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Edinburgh City Libraries and Information Services
[Ref F939B]


Dumbiedykes Survey Photographs  -  1959 Survey

St Leonard's Lane

Here is a fairly busy scene in St Leonard's Lane on a bright day in 1959.  This view looks to the east towards Holyrood Park, with Salisbury Crags in the background.

James Clark School is behind the high wall and railings on the left-hand side of St Leonard's Lane, close to where the lorry is parked in the distance.

The large photograph above was one of several dozen taken in 1959 by Adam H Malcolm in the Dumbiedykes area of Edinburgh.  These photographs were taken shortly before the houses were demolished.  Adam H Malcolm donated these photographs to the Edinburgh City Libraries in the 1960s and they can now be found in the Library's Edinburgh Room Collection.




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