APIS 2004 Programme

Alternative Processes

 International Symposium

Dunfermline, Scotland  -  18 to 19 September 2004*


The Weekend Programme

SATURDAY / SUNDAY:  DUNFERMLINE:  The  Alternative Processing  International Symposium (APIS) is held in alternate years in the USA and in the UK.  It is organised by Terry King.  APIS 2004 is to be held  on 18-19 September 2004 in Dunfermline, Scotland, about fifteen miles to the north-west of Edinburgh.

APIS 2004 has the theme "The Best inspires the Best".  It is to be held with the co-operation of:

-  National Museum of Photography,

-  National Galleries of Scotland

-  The Getty

-  University of Texas at Austin

There will be explanations of:

-  a cheap, simple and consistent method of making gold prints

-  a method of making large Daguerreotypes and

-  cyanotype rex

-  a full natural colour method of making prints.

There will be visits to galleries on 17 and 21 September, with the opportunity to see:

-  original salt prints by Hill & Adamson)

-  albumen and gravure work by Thomas and Craig Annan)

Terry King

   APIS 2004  -  Terry King prepares to take a Group Photograph

There will also be a program of optional visits before and after the APIS 2004.  See below.


Other Visits

FRIDAY:  There will be visits to Edinburgh and Glasgow on Friday 17  September, with the opportunity to see:

- Hill & Adamson's studio, Rock House, Calton Hill (exterior only).

Rock House

Rock House studio  -  1870s

- original salt prints by Hill & Adamson at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery.

Hill & Adamson salt print

Hill & Adamson calotype of Newhaven Fishwife

Scottish National Portrait Gallery

   APIS 2004  -  David Bruce discusses the proposed Scottish National Photographic Centre


-  albumen and photogravure prints of the old closes and streets of Glasgow by Thomas and Craig Annan.

Annan photogravure

Photogravure by James Craig Annan, taken from Thomas Annan's photographs of the Old Closes and Streets og Glasgow

-  the Glasgow Print Studios.


MONDAY:  There will be a visit to Edinburgh on Monday 21 September:

-  to visit the birthplace of James Clerk Maxwell in Edinburgh and learn about  his demonstration of colour photography given in 1861.

-  and to see Edinburgh's camera obscura.

Clerk Maxwell's House

   14 India Street, the birthplace of James Clerk Maxwell

Camera Obscura

   The Camera Obscura at the top of the Royal Mile

TUESDAY:  There will be a visit on Tuesday 22 September to the National Museum of Photography, Film and Television in Bradford, Yorkshire, England, where APIS 2002 was held.  I attended APIS 2002 and enjoyed the event.

Terry King's Hands on Pictures web site gives further details of APIS 2004.


APIS 2004