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Doors Open Day

Saturday 25 September 2004

Each September, "Doors Open Days" are held throughout Scotland, as part of the Council of Europe's Heritage Days.

Edinburgh's Civic Trust, the Cockburn Association, helps to promote and finance this day.  This year, the owners of 67 public buildings in and around Edinburgh will open their buildings, free of charge, to the public.

September 2004

Tour of Central Bus Depot

  Lothian Buses  -  Central Depot  -  Annandale Street   -  Opewn-top Bus Tour during Doors Open Day

Different areas of Scotland select their own date for this event each year.  Edinburgh has chosen Saturday 25 September 2004.

Details of addresses and times for each of the buildings open this year, together with brief background and architectural details are available:

-  in a leaflet to be published by the Cockburn Association, Trunk's Close,  55 High Street, Edinburgh EH1 1SR.

-  on this page in the Cockburn Association's web site.



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