Newhaven Fishmarket

The Fishmarket

  Newhaven Fishmarket with fishwives and carts

Newhaven Fishmarket was built in 1896 beside Newhaven Harbour.



Newhaven Fishmarket  -  1 

In the 1990s, the building was in a poor state of repair.  It was restored, leaving the fishmarket to use only the northern end of the building. 

A Harry Ramsden 170-seat fish restaurant (now closed) moved into the southern end of the building and a new heritage museum was created in the centre of the building.


Further Proposals


  Looking across Newhaven Harbour towards Pier Place  -  September 2005

It is now planned to spend 2m on further developments over a period of seven years from 2006.  The plans include new restaurants and shops and a raised timber broadwalk looking onto the harbour. 

The initial developments are to be on the site of the former Harry Ramsden restaurant, but it is expected that the fishmarket will move out of the building within a few years, probably to elsewhere on the waterfront, within Leith Docks.

Edinburgh Evening News  10 January 2006, p.21

Fishmarket Refurbishment


The Newhaven Heritage Museum, in the centre of the old fishmarket building beside Newhaven Harbour, closed its doors in late-2006 to enable a major refurbishment programme to be carried out.

Refurbishment of the museum was originally due to be completed in spring 2007, but the building remains closed (now, July 2008) and I don't yet know when it is due to re-open.

The former Harry Ramsden fish and chip shop and restaurant at  the southern end of the old fishmarket closed about five years ago.  It has now become a Loch Fyne Restaurant.

Newhaven Heritage Museum

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