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Proposed Developments

Existing Use of Tynecastle

Proposals were announced in February 2004 to develop the Tynecastle area of Edinburgh.   The land lies between the Western Approach Road, Gorgie Road and two railway lines.  It currently includes:

-  Heart of Midlothian Football Ground, Tynecastle Park.

-  North British Distillery.

North British Distillery

   North British Distillery  -  The Cooperage Yard 

-  Tynecastle High School.

-  Land owned by Edinburgh Council.

Who will be moving out?

Heart of Midlothian Football Club ('Hearts') are known to be seeking a location for a new stadium.  Several proposals away from the city centre have been considered in recent years.  The most recent proposal suggested is that they remain in Gorgie, moving to a new stadium to be built on land at the other side of McLeod Street.

North British Distillery have announced that they intend to move to new premises further from the City Centre.

Edinburgh City Council have announced that they have discussed plans to rebuild Tynecastle High School on the other side of McLeod Street.

Proposed Development

It is proposed to create:

-  hundreds of houses, most 4-stories high

-  new shops

-  businesses

-  green spaces.

Tynecastle proposals:  Edinburgh Evening News  19 February 2004,  p.5

Latest Hibs proposals - to remain in Gorgie:  Edinburgh Evening News, 20 February 2004,  pp.1,52



Update - January 2007

Hearts' Stadium Reconstruction

Vladimir Romanov is to buy land around Hearts' stadium from Edinburgh Council, to allow the stadium to expand. 

Romanov proposes to pay:

- 4.0m for the site currently occupied by Tynecastle High School.  A new school is to be built on the McLeod Street roads depot site, and

-  1.8m for land behind the main stand.  This would enable the main stand to be replaced by a new stand seating 12,000.  Hearts hope to have a 40,000 all-seater stadium by 2013.

An independent valuation for the council has confirmed these prices are fair.

Edinburgh Evening News  February 24, 2007:  pp.1,7

The Evening News gave the following timetable for the reconstruction work at Tynecastle:

Feb 2007

Hearts to submit a detailed planning application for reconstruction of their main stand.

Sep 2007

Work to begin on the new 12,000 -seater stand.

Aug 2008

Work completed on the new 12,000 -seater stand.


Tynecastle High School moves and Hearts have first option to buy the site for 4.1m.

Work commences on other areas of the stadium.


The 40,000-seater stadium is completed.

Edinburgh Evening News  January 24, 2007:  pp.46-7



Update - July 2007

Views of the new Council

Now that the City of Edinburgh now has a new council,  a Liberal Democratic / SNP coalition, the situation concerning the proposed redevelopment at Tynecastle has changed.

The new city council is likely to resist any proposal to demolish Tynecastle High School, a Grade two listed Victorian building.  The school stands on land that Hearts FC bought from the council in 2006.  Ownership of the land is due to pass to Hearts in 2010

Speaking of Vladimir Romanov and his club's plans for Tynecastle, council leader, Jenny Dawe, said:

"I can't see any way that they will get permission to knock it down.  It's important for the city that we don't have a repeat of the 1960s when a lot of fine buildings were knocked down and replaced by horrible multi-storey blocks.

Hearts are now expected to submit a planning application for a 12,000 seat main stand, including extensive hospitality facilities, within the next few weeks.  Other parts of their proposed development will be considered later.

Edinburgh Evening News  July 18, 2007:  pp.1,5



Update - August 2007

Planning Application

Hearts, yesterday, revealed their 50m  plans to build:

-  a new 10.000 seat main stand, to replace the existing 1914 stand.

-  a new hotel, offices and bars next to the new stand.

These plans are expected to regenerate the area and have been welcomed by local residents and local councillors, but there is still concern about whether or not the club will wish to  demolish Tynecastle High School.

A planning application is likely to be submitted in late-2007 / early-2008, to be followed, if successful, by 18-months' construction work.

Edinburgh Evening News  August 21, 2010:  p.10



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