Schools, Church and Water Tank at



Sketch showing St Ann's School, St Patrick's School, St Patrick's Church and the Water Tank in the Church Grounds

  Bob Henderson, Burdiehouse, Edinburgh.

Water Tank at the end of Arthur Street

Thank you to Bob Henderson for providing the sketch above, and for providing the following comments on two of the water tanks in Edinburgh Old Town in the 1940s.

Bob wrote:

Water Tank at St Patrick's Church

"I have attached a rough sketch of the location of the water tank at St Patrick's Church.  It was a cast concrete structure , a big tank about the size of a small swimming pool but about 7 foot deep and filled nearly to the top.

It was. of course. an emergency supply for the fire brigade but luckily as far as I know never needed.

Bob Henderson, Burdiehouse, Edinburgh:  December 14, 2007

Bob remembers this water tank from his school days.


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