This map shows how Newhaven harbour is now almost lost beside the enlarged Leith Harbour.  Leith Harbour is currently being re-developed with the building of a shopping complex (Ocean Terminal), the Scottish Office, hotel, sports complex, housing, etc.

Immediately to the East of Newhaven Harbour is the old fishmarket, now split into three parts

-  a smaller fishmarket, still in use

- a heritage museum, which unfortunately closed in 2006.

Harry Ramsden fish restaurant.  (Now closed, and re-opened as a Loch Fyne restaurant.)

The many railways that could be seen on the 1917 map have closed, most several decades ago.    But their tree-lined courses can still be picked out on the 2001 aerial photo.


This aerial view is detail taken from a photo by XYZ Digital Map Company Limited.

Aerial Photo of Newhaven and Leith  -  2001

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