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 All the following have been associated with Edinburgh:

Robert Blomfield

Edinburgh street scenes  c.1960-65

Edwin O Catford

Transport scenes from the early 1900s

William Donaldson Clark

Glass Negatives of Edinburgh, 1860s

Wullie Croal

Photographs of the Dumbiedykes area of Edinburgh in the 1950s to 1970s

Louis Jacques Daguerre

He produced dioramas of Edinburgh

Sarah Dalrymple

Edinburgh photographs  -  2007

W H Davies

PSS Exhibitor.
EPS Lecturer for 20 years.

Eric Samuel de Maré

Eric De Maré, architect and photographer was author of textbooks on photography and books illustrating architecture, waterways and London.

English Heritage and RCAHMS have some of his photos in their collections

James Hay

Edinburgh amateur photographer
early 1900s


Irish professional photographer with studio in Dublin from c.1880.

Medal Winner in Edinburgh: 1886, 1890 

John McCosh  1805-1885

Calotype photos  of India  -  mid C19

Ally and Thomas M McGurk

Thomas McGurk is the father of Ally McGurk.  Photographers by Thomas (from the 1950s onwards) and by Ally can be found on the Flickr web site as well as on the EdinPhoto web site.

John McCosh  1805-1885

Calotype photos  of India  -  mid C19

James Clerk Maxwell

Scientist born in Edinburgh. 
He gave the first demonstration of colour photography in 1861.

Charles Sinclair Minto

Edinburgh City Librarian and Curator of the City of Edinburgh Museum.

Author of several books featuring old photographs of Edinburgh.

J Stephens Orr

Portrait photographer.
Lectured at EPS Wednesday Meeting 

Andrew Pringle

He wrote to journals.
He lectured at EPS Popular Meetings. 

R A Rayner

Views around Edinburgh - late C19

John D Stevenson

Photos of Leith Docks - late C20

William Henry Fox Talbot

EPS Honorary Member. 
He lived in Edinburgh in 1860s.

Inventor of the calotype process,  first form of negative-positive photography

John Thomson  1837-1921

Geographer and traveller

John M  Whitehead

EPS Judge.  Bromoil worker


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