William Henry Fox Talbot



John Moffat

Photograph by John Moffat  -  May 1864

Photograph of Talbot taken by John Moffat in 1864

  Reproduced from the National Museum of Photography, Film and Television collection,
by courtesy of the Science and Society Picture Library.   Click here for link to web site.


Talbot was invited to John Moffat's studio in Princes Street Edinburgh when the two men met at a Meeting of the Photographic Society of Scotland held in Edinburgh in 1864.

Here (above) is the photograph taken by John Moffat


Engraving based on John Moffat Photo

Fathers of Photography  -  William Henry Fox Talbot  -  One of thirteen portraits published in the Supplement to the August 1891 edition of The Practical Photographer

  Reproduced by courtesy of Edinburgh Photographic Society


The engraving (above) is one of a thirteen portraits of Fathers of Photography, all published in the August 1891  Supplement to The Practical Photographer.

This engraving was based on a photograph of Talbot (top of page) taken by John Moffat


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