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The Grassmarket

in the Old Town of Edinburgh

W R & S Ltd  -  Photograph from the early-1900s  -  The Grassmarket in the Old Town of Edinburgh

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The Grassmarket

This view looks to the east, from the West End of the Grassmarket.  The Grassmarket lies in the valley between Edinburgh Castle (off the picture to the left) and Heriot's School (off the picture to the right).

The Grassmarket in this scene looks far more like a marketplace than it does today.  Many of the buildings have been retained but the large cobbled area in this view has been divided into car parking on the left and a road running up the right hand side.


This photograph appeared in the W R & S Ltd album,
 "Edinburgh and Vicinity"

    Cover of a W R & S Album of Photographs  -  published in the early 1900s



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