George Smith

British Columbia, Canada

Thank you to George Smith, British Columbia, Canada for sending his memories of the 'Last Tram Procession'.

 George wrote:

Edinburgh's Last Tram



   Edinburgh's Last Tram  -  1956  -  zoom-in

"I recollect being at the bottom of Lothian Road on this occasion  and vaguely remember things like a steam car (Argyle?) in a procession of vintage automobiles and the like.

It did not seem important at  the time that the trams were going,  but in retrospect they were frequent and convenient,  though the overhead lines were an eyesore.

At  the end of the line it was an occasion to see the driver/conductor switching lines for the return journey. Memories of the Number 4 at Slateford.  Were the trolleys really made of wood?"

George Smith, British Columbia, Canada  -  5 January 2006

Trolley Buses

I remember poles also being used for the trolley buses when I lived in Bradford, West Yorkshire, in the 1950s.  The poles were used to put the trolleys back on the wires, e.g.

 -  at a junction, the bus might left but the trolleys stay attached to the wires that went straight on, because the driver did not have his power switched ON/OFF at the right time OR

the trolleys might collide with those of the bus in front, and come off the line in a shower of sparks if the driver of the following bus forgot that he was driving a trolley bus and tried to pass the bus in front.  In practice, this seemed more likely to happen at  a terminus than on the open road..

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:   5 January 2006




Malcolm J B Finlayson

British Columbia, Canada

Thank you to Malcolm J B Finlayson, Arbroath, Angus, Scot for allowing me to reproduce the photo above.

Last Tram Week


Last Tram Week  -  Streamer, November 1956

Malcolm J B Finlayson, Arbroath, Angus, Scotland

Malcolm wrote:

"This is an original 'Last Tram Week' streamer that was handed to me on the occasion of the last tram journey in Princes Street in November 1956.

I can vaguely recall that evening, as a six-year-old, accompanying my parents, and brother, Derek.

Malcolm J B Finlayson, Arbroath, Angus, Scotland:   April 21, 2014 (3 emails)


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