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Founded 1998

One O'Clock Gun Association

The One O'Clock Gun Association was founded in 1998 to establish an exhibition about the gun, to be held at Edinburgh Castle for the Millennium in 2000.

The organisation has also produced and is selling a booklet titled The One O'Clock Gun: The Story of Edinburgh's Time Service.

A number of events are planned for 2011 to mark the 150th Anniversary of the first firing of the One O'Clock Gun, beginning with a ceremony to lay a wreath at Greyfriars' Bobby's gravestone.

But see Dispute below.


There appears to have been some dispute within the One O'Clock Gun Association.

I have found two web sites with similar names.

They are:

One O'Clock Gun & Time Ball Association

This One O'clock Gun and Time Ball Association web site appears to belong to the association that is promoting the events to mark the 150th Anniversary of the One O'Clock Gun in 2011.

The web site gives the Office Bearers' names:

-  Chairman:  Brian McKenzie.  A caption in The Scotsman (Jan 15, 2011, p.15) suggests that he is the Colour Sergeant standing beside Blue in the photo below, but I have a postcard published by this association, naming the man as Colour Sergeant Scott. below?

- Secretary:  George Robinson.   He spoke for the Association at the Greyfriars' Bobby ceremony

-  Treasurer:  John Lovie.  He is owner of the terrier, Blue, from East Lothian.

Greyfriars' Bobby's Grave

   Laying a Wreath at Greyfriars Bobby's Tombstone

One O'Clock Gun Association

This One O'Clock Gun Association web site. This looks very similar to 1. above. It appears to be the original web site of the One O'Clock Gun Association.  It includes warnings advising all members that:

-  on October 11, 2008, the One O'Clock Gun Association expelled five members. These included Messrs Robinson and Lovie, above.

-  the association has no grievance against the promotion of the Greyfriars' Bobby Blue dog, but it objects to the association's name being incorrectly quoted in connection with recent ceremonies involving Blue.

The Association's office bearers are now (2011) reported as being:

-  Chairman:  Kenny Kerr

-  Secretary:  Stanley Walsingham

-  Treasurer:  Derek Watters


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