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Thank you to Ed Thomson, Glamis Castle, Angus, Scotland for letting me see  two photographs of Wardie Resident Club members:

Ed's first photo was of the inaugural meeting of the Club.  Unfortunately, for copyright reasons, I don't think I'll be able to add this photo to the web site. 

However, Ed wrote:

Inaugural Meeting

"The Inaugural meeting of Wardie Residents Club was held in November 1945 in the Tennis Pavilion at Boswall Drive.

At that time I was living with my parents at Fraser Grove and became a Drama Club member.

Change of Meeting Place

Before permanent premises in the Granton Road Hut, Meetings took place in Wardie School Hall  -  all credit to the stalwart Janitor, Mr Bowie, who helped the Club in many ways."

Ed Thomson, Glamis Castle, Angus Scotland,  December 12, 2006


Thank you to Archie Foley, Joppa, Edinburgh, who wrote:


Founder Members

"My mother and her friends and neighbours from Granton Place were founder members of the club.

My recollection is that the driving force behind it was a Mr Lindsay who, I think, was a teacher at David Kilpatrick's Secondary.


"Mr Lindsay and his associates managed to put together a tremendously varied programme of activities, all run by volunteers, for adults and juniors.

I took up fencing but found it was nothing like what Errol Flynn did in the films."

Archie Foley,  Joppa, Edinburgh, 28 December, 2006



Thank you to Ed Thomson for sending me this photo that he took on the  Wardie Residents' Club's Annual Picnic to Edgelaw Reservoir in 1946. 

Please click on the small image below to enlarge it.

Ed wrote:

Annual Picnic

Wardie Residents' Club Annual Outing to Edgelaw Reservoir, 1946

"This is the Annual Picnic of the Wardie Residents' Club to Edgelaw Reservoir  in 1946.

The Picnic was always arranged by Member Mr Alexander of the Water Dept.  He is in the centre with spectacles.  Willie Lindsay is second from the left in the back row.

Mr Foley was correct. Mr Lindsay was principal Art Teacher at David Kilpatrick's.  His daughter was a year below me at Trinity Academy in 1944 and they stayed in Boswall Avenue.

I have another similar photo taken in 1950, but this is the best one as it was made up for the Members."

Ed Thomson, Glamis Castle, Angus Scotland,  December 31, 2006



Thank you to Ed Thomson for sending me this photo taken on the  Wardie Residents' Club's Annual Picnic to Edgelaw Reservoir in 1949. 

Please click on the small image below to enlarge it.

Ed wrote:

Annual Picnic

  Wardie Reseident' Club, Edgelaw Picnic, 1949

"This photo was taken on the Wardie Residents' Club Annual Picnic at Edgelaw in 1949.

Wardie Residents' Club President, Willie Lindsay, is at stroke oar"

Ed Thomson, Glamis Castle, Angus Scotland,  February 14, 2007


Thank you to Phil Wilson, Aberdeen, Scotland who replied, just a few hours after I added Ed Thomson's notes, above, to the web site.  Phil sent me his own memories of Wardie Residents' Club, from the 1960s.

Phil wrote:


Gilbert & Sullivan

"I read Ed Thomson's comment about the Club this morning.   (I'm finishing work at 2am just now with 13-14 hour shifts).

I was a member of Wardie Residents' Club back in the early sixties, following my grandparents into it.

We put on shows at that time, of Gilbert And Sullivan, at various places (including Leith Town Hall) on several nights each year for a few years, and I remember once polishing up coppers for a couple of weeks to resemble 'pieces of eight' for 'The Pirates of Penzance'.

Regrettably, as I was very young at the time, most of my memories of the club have gone now, but can remember that the concerts were well attended, and quite popular, and enormous fun to do."

Phil Wilson, Aberdeen, Scotland  December 21, 2006


From 1973

Wardie Residents' Club organised activities most days, when I first moved to the area in 1973, including a Playgroup for young children, run by Mrs Dunlop.  I played Badminton at the Club in the evenings.

  -  Peter Stubbs:  December 20, 2006




North Edinburgh

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Granton:  transport map 1932

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Cramond:                        from 1940s

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