The Edinburgh Society of Professional Photographers

ESPP Members

George M Aikman

George Ayton (President, 1927-29]

Miss Bertram

George Balmain

Mr Bambrick

David Beveridge

Mr Coltart (President, 1929-)

Mr Gilbert Cousland

Miss Grace d'Arcy

Charles D Crooke

William Crooke

Mr Dakers

William Ferguson

Miss Gray

Mr Halkett

J Campbell Harper (President, 1921-24)

W B Hislop

A J Hughes

Mr Hutcheson

-  J B Johnstone (resigned from Committee due to ill health, 1929),

Claude Lauder

Mr Lawson (Secy + Treasurer, 1920-29+)

Mrs MacKay

-  William McKinlay

Mr Melrose

P S Moffat

Mr Morrison

Mrs Oliver

Mr Parken

Mr Paterson

Mr Philip

Miss Roberts

Charles Ross

Drummond Shiels

John Thomson

Norman Thomson

Swan Watson (President, 1925-27)

E R Yerbury

E D  Young (President, 1920-21)

Drummond Young

NOTE:  The list of the Members above may not be complete.  It has been compiled from people  mentioned in BJP Reports as having attended Meetings.

This list includes most of the leading Edinburgh professional photographers of the period.  Some of the names names without links in the table above are new to me.  They may well also have been prominent photographers, but working for one of the  major Edinburgh studios, rather than owning their own studio.