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Princes Street  -  22 December 2000

Buses in Princes Street  -  22 December 2000

  Copyright: Peter Stubbs  -   please contact peter.stubbs@edinphoto.org.uk                                   Photographed 22 December 2000


Lothian Buses

This photograph taken at about 4pm on 22 December 2000 - about the shortest day of the year.  The buses are travelling (or waiting to travel) to the East along Princes Street.  The church steeple at the West End of Princes Street is just in the picture on the left.

Cars are now prohibited from travelling east along the street.

The new colour scheme for Lothian Buses can be seen.  When this photo was taken the colour scheme was quite new and could be clearly seen over the whole bus.  Stops on Route 26 to the East of Edinburgh are painted along the side of the bus.  More recently, advertisements have been added to the sides of these buses.

Newer buses, both single decker and double decker, have been painted in this livery (or similar) in recent years.  Older buses have retained their old dark red (madder) colour.




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