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East Pilton Station

(East Pilton Halt)

Steam Train Passing through East Pilton Station

Bruce Peebles' transformer factory is in the background.

Pilton Station  -  1962

  Hamish Stevenson, reproduced with acknowledgement to his son JL (Hamish) Stevenson
with acknowledgement to Kenneth Williamson for providing a copy of this photo


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   Train hauled by 449994 passes through East Pilton Station, with Bruce Peebles' transformer works in the background.


East Pilton Station

Steam Train

Here a rather large 4-6-0 locomotive is being used to haul a train on the short former Caledonian Railway line between Princes Street station and Leith.

Factory Fire

Bruce Peebles' transformer factory can be seen in the background.  However, the factory was destroyed by fire in 1999.

Aeriel view of the fire at Bruce Peebles' works ,  looking to the SE  -  12 April 1999


I remember being told that, during World War II Bruce Peebles' works were defended by men on the platform at East Pilton station with rifles - but they were just dummy rifles, made of wood.   (I forget who told me.)

I don't know whether the men with the guns were cadets, or were from some other group.

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  May 25, 2013


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