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Easter Road Station

Easter Road Station  -  1963

Easter Road Station  -  1963

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Neville Stead, A J Mullay and Ian Allan Publishers          G M Staddon / N E Stead collection


Easter Road Station

Here, a rail tour in 1963 can be seen visiting Easter Road Station, which lies on the route from Waverley via Abbeyhill to Granton Harbour.

The engine is No. 64624.




Iain C Purves

Waterdown, Ontario, Canada

Thank you to Ian Purves who wrote:

Easter Road Station

"Once again, a memory brought back from my past!

This shot of the steam train approaching the platform at Easter Road was taken a few yards west of the hen run belonging to my grandfather, John Cation.

Hen Run and Allotment

"My grandfather was on the an ex- railway employee and was allowed to have a hen run up against the banking on the North side of the line.  He also had an allotment further east of the station where he had a shed."

Railway Lines

"If memory serves, there was another line there, coming in from the north, on which there ran a steam train which started from opposite Robb`s Shipyard, up through Junction Road and Bonnington and ending up in the Waverley Station.

The boiler seemed to me to have been in the centre and the seats were reversible (I think)."

Iain C. Purves , Waterdown, Canada:  September 26, 2014



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