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Pole for Tramlines

Princes Street


Princes Street

Pole for the Tramlines

Princes Street  -  Pole to take the overhead cables for Edinburgh's electric trams

  Reproduced by courtesy Lothian Buses plc

Princes Street

There was controversy, in the years leading up to 1922, over whether or not it would be acceptable to run electric trams along Princes Street.  It was feared that the overhead cables would detract from the view looking towards Edinburgh Castle from Princes Street.

The photograph below (with overhead tramlines later drawn in) was used to demonstrate how the wires might appear.

Princes Street  -  1917  -  Electric and Cable Cars

After considerable debate, it was agreed that electric trams could run along Princes Street.  Ornate poles were constructed to support the tram wires.  The large picture above shows one of these poles in Princes Street, close to the Scott Monument.

 The Scott Monument and an old car  -  possibly the 1920s




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