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Early 1900s


North British Railway and Caledonian Railway lines in Edinburgh

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Railways  -  1900s

Caledonian Railway train at Davidson's Mains Station

The map above by W&K Johnston Ltd is not dated, but may well have been produced in the early 1900s.  It is one of several maps published in TS Muir's book Edinburgh and District - An Introduction to Geography, published in 1910.

The network of lines from:

-  North British Railway (arriving in Waverley Station from the East Coast route)

-  Caledonian Railway (arriving in Princes Street Station from the West Coast Route.

Both railways ran lines from the centre of Edinburgh to Granton  and to Leith.  Several  stations are shown and named on the map above, more easily seen by zooming in to one half of the map.

Old Map and Engraving

This book also includes an attractive small map of Edinburgh in the 18th century and small engraving of Edinburgh from St Anthony's Chapel in Queen's Park.




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