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1929 map.


Map Cover

Princes Street  -  Looking towards Calton Hill

The Cover of an Edinburgh Corporatiion Transport Department Map  -  published about 1932

©  Copyright: For permission to reproduce, please contact peter.stubbs@edinphoto.org.uk

Here is the cover of a map showing the tram and bus routes, published probably around 1932.

This view looks along Princes Street from close to the base of the Scott Monument, looking towards the North British Hotel (now the Balmoral Hotel) with the monuments on Calton Hill in the background.

The size of this map when folded (100mm x 130mm) is a little smaller than previous editions. 

1924 / 1926

    Cover of Edibnburgh Corporation Tramways Department map, published around 1928 ©

The silhouette of the Edinburgh skyline, looking to the east along Princes Street (that appeared on the 1924 and 1926 maps) has been replaced in the 1929 edition by a photograph of  similar scene (but excluding the National Galleries and Royal Scottish Academy.


  Cover of Edinburgh Corporation Transport Departmant Map, published around 1932

Dates of Maps

None of the early transport maps in my collection are dated, but I believe that the three that I have included on this web site were probably published around 1924, 1928 and (for the map shown above) 1932.

In making these estimates, I have looked at:

-  the bus and tram routes listed
-  the advertisements on the back. 
-  the Tramways Manager or Transport Manager named on the map.

1924 Cover          1926 Cover


Transport Managers

Early Edinburgh Corporation Tramways Department Maps give the name of the Tramways Manager.  Later, the maps were issued by Edinburgh Corporation Transport Department, and gave the name of the Transport Manager.

The table of Tramways Managers and Transport Managers below has been compiled from the Department's Annual Accounts.

Year ending 15 May 1918 to year ending 15 May 1928 R Stuart Pilcher
Year ending 15 May 1929 to year ending 15 May 1934 FA Fitzpayne MIEE
Year ending 15 May 1935 to year ending 15 May 1948 Robert McLeod M Inst T
Year ending 15 May 1949 to ? William Morrison Little





The name FA Fitzpayne MIEE  appeared on the cover of this transport map:


   Cover of an Edinburgh Corporation Tramways Department Map, published 1929 ©

He was General Manager of Edinbrugh Corporation Dept from 1928 to 1934.  See the table above.

After adding the details above to the web site, I was surprised to  receive an e-mail from Brian Fitzpayne Wynn.

Brian wrote:

Name beside the Bus Doors

"My father John Wynn (1908-1938) drove buses for Edinburgh Corporation from 1929 to 1936.   One of his bosses at the time was named Fitzpayne.

My father must have thought pretty highly of him because when I was born in 1937, he gave me Fitzpayne as my middle name.

Subsequently, for several years in the late 1940s, I clearly remember seeing the name Fitzpayne panted beside the passenger doors of Edinburgh buses.   I enjoyed pointing this name out and telling that I was named after Fitzpayne.

This was several years after FA Fitzpayne held the position of General Manager in Edinburgh, but perhaps the buses were not repainted too often, or perhaps there was another Fitzpayne (son or brother?) who may have held that position in the late 1940s.

Brian Wynn:  near Melbourne, Victoria, Australia:  December 16, 2007

FA Fitzpayne?

I believe that during WWII (1939-45) and immediately afterwards only a basic level of maintenance was carried out on Edinburgh's buses.  Re-painting the General Manager's name on the buses may well not have been a priority.

Perhaps FA Fitzpayne's name remained on buses after 1934, right up to the late-1940s!

ERL  Fitzpayne?

None of the Edinburgh Transport's General Managers in the 1940s was named Fitzpayne, but there was another Fitzpayne who worked for the Transport Dept.  It was ERL Fitzpayne, son of FA Fitzpayne.

I don't know what positions he held in Edinburgh's Transport Dept. He went on to work in South Shiels then Glasgow.  He became General Manager of Glasgow Corporation Transport Dept from 1943 to 1969.

Peter Stubbs:  December 16, 2007




Thank you to Brian Wynn for sending me this message two days after his original message above.

Brian wrote:

"I told my 75-year-old elder sister about our discussion, and she has sent me these comments:

'Mum told me that you were named after our father's boss because Mr Fitzpayne often used him as a chauffeur and, in fact, lent him the car (a big Buick) from time to time.'

"I actually remember that car because it was so rare to see one parked outside our Restalrig Drive home.

On one occasion, Jack, Stuart and I (and some other kids) were taken to Portobello in the car. I must have been very young at the time, but I clearly remember the occasion. 

That, I think, explains my fatherís relationship with Mr Fitzpayne.  It also explains why I was named after my fatherís boss.

Brian Wynn:  near Melbourne, Victoria, Australia:  December 18, 2007


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