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 1929 Map


Adverts on the back of the Map

  Cover of an Edinburgh Corporation Tramways Department Map, published around 1928

A large proportion of the adverts on the back of this 1929 map were for Edinburgh Corporation Transport's services and tours.  Please see the list below and the thumbnail images at the foot of this table.



Edinburgh Corporation Transport, 2 St James Square

First and Last Buses

Early Morning Cars

First and Last Regular Car Services to and from Post Office

Buses to Blackhall, Davidson's Mains, Lauriston Castle and Cramond

Motor Coach Tours:  Circular Tour 1, Circular Tour 2, Granton & Cramond Circular Tour
Fare 1/6,  Children 9d

Special buses for Sight-Seeing, Picnic and Dance Parties

Motor Coach Tours: Old Town and a drive round Arthur's Seat (with photo)
Fare 1/-,  Children 6d

Electric Car Services 1, 12 and 25 to Zoological Park

We Carry Parcels by Tramway Car

List of Electric Tramway Routes

Bus Service between Braids Terminus and Hillend Park on the Afternoons of Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday, Weather Permitting




All other than 'Edinburgh Corporation Transport' Adverts

Company Product Address
WJ Stoddart Publicity and Travel Consultant
Official Advertising Contractor for Edinburgh Corporation Guide Book
Waverley Market
Calder of Leith Blinds, Sunshades, Marquees, Tents, etc. 21-25 Commercial St.
James Waldie

House Coals, Cokes, Nuts, Red Blaes, Limeshell, Limestone, Rockery Turf, etc.

Delivered to Edinburgh and district by Motor Lorry and Steam Wagons

57 Haymarket
Lawson's Drapers, Clothiers, House Furnishers 1 Castle Terrace
Edinburgh Savings Bank Bank
Total Funds 11,591,820
16 North Bank Street
Westfield Autocar Co Car Dealer
See Scotland on a Morris Minor, Prices from 125.
108/110, Lothian Road
Albion Petrol
A little goes a long way on any car!  Be fair to yourself and give it a trial.
1/4.5p per Gal Commercial
1/5p per Gal Private
Henderson Place +
Annandale Street
Manclark Gents' Taylors 64 South Bridge
Corporation Bureau for Apartments Catalogue of Hotels, Boarding Houses, etc. 2, St James Square
City of Edinburgh Official Guide to City of Edinburgh City chambers, High St
Crawford's Biscuits
"Crawford's Biscuits are Good Biscuits"
(address not given)
Scottish Motor Traction

Bus Services
The Tramways of the Edinburgh Corporation are recognised as the finest service in Great Britain.

What the tramway service is to Edinburgh, the SMT BUS SERVICE is to the Lothians.

All towns and villages within a radius of 50 miles are served by a CONSISTENT SERVICE of superb buses.

45 Princes Street
Kingsley Hotel +
Thackery Hotel
Bed, Breakfast + Attendance from 8/6 per night
Wm Taylor & Son Bird Seed
Song Bird Seed, 2d, 4d, 8d
Parrot Mixture, 2.5d, 5d, 10d
Linnet, Finch, Goldfinch: 2d, 4d
Taylor's Love Bird Mixture
(for all foreign birds), 4d


I estimate the date of this map to be 'approximately 1930-32.

Comparison with the 1931 map held by the National Library of Scotland may reveal whether my map was published before or after the NLS map.

The first advert on the back of my map refers (in very small print) to W J Stoddart as being "Official Advertising Contractor for the 1929, 1930 and 1931 editions of the Edinburgh Corporation Guide Books and for the 1928 and 1929 editions of a Catalogue of Boarding Houses.  So a date of approximately 1930-32 seems plausible for my map.

Knowing in which year Edinburgh Corporation Tramways and Motors became Edinburgh Corporation Transport Department might also help to establish the date of my map above.

The assets quoted in the Edinburgh Savings Bank Advert may also help to date this map.


 Adverts and Index to Place Names  -    1929

Index to Places of Interest taken from an Edinburgh Corporation Transport Department map of Tram and Bus Routes, published around 1932. 

Index to Places of Interest

Advert on the back of an Edinburgh Corporation Transport Department map from the early-1930s  -  Photograph of a charabanc  in Holyrood Park

Charabanc in Holyrood Park

Advertisement on the back of an Edinburgh Corporation Transport Department map from the early-1930s  -  Motor Coach Tours

Motor Coach Tour

Advertisement from the back of an Edinburgh Corporation Transport Department  map from the early 1930s  -  Morris Minor for 125

Morris Minor for 125


 Timetables    -    1929

Edinburgh Corporation Transport Deptartment  -  Tram Times  -  1932  -  Early Morning Trams

Tram TimesEarly Morning

Edinburgh Corporation Transport Department  -  Tram times  -  1932  -  First and Last cars to the Post Office

Tram Times  -  To Post Office

Edinburgh Corporation Transport Department  -  Tram Times  -  1932  -  Firrst and Last Cars from the Post Office

Tram Times  -  From Post Office

Advert from an Edinburgh Corporation Transport Department Map  -  First and Last Times of Buses

Bus Times  -  First + Last


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