EPS Dinners

1860s and 1870s

Annual Dinners

EPS has a long tradition of Annual Dinners.  They were often held around the time of its Annual Exhibition, the exhibition judges being the guests of honour.

Mrs Mainís Hotel at Newhaven was a popular venue for the society's Annual Dinners  in the 1860s and 1870s.  These were sometimes referred to as Annual Suppers or Annual Fish Dinners.

Mrs Main's Hotel is now named The Peacock Inn.  It is situated across the road from Harry Ramsdenís Fish Restaurant in Newhaven.

Harry Ramsden's Fish Restaurant has now [2003] closed after a few years' operation.

The Peacock Hotel is still in business!

1878 Dinner

The British Journal of Photography gave an account of EPS Annual Dinner held at the Peacock Hotel on 6 December 1878:

"The Dinner was served in Mrs Main's best style, and ample justice was done to it by the Company, whose appetites were sharpened by the strong nor'-easter which was lashing the Firth into fury and rendering the roads almost impassable by snow drifts.

During the evening, Messrs Pringle, Howie, Moffat, Young, Hannat and Reid entertained the company with some capital vocal and instrumental music."

[British Journal of Photography:  20 December 1878, p.608]

The Bill from the 1878 Dinner.

EPS Dinner Billl  -  1878

©  Reproduced by courtesy of Edinburgh Photographic Society


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