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Rules for the Prize Competition

The rules for the Presentation Print Competition were announced.  It was announced that:

The following prizes were to be awarded

1.  A handsome gold medal of the Society

2.  Silver medal from the same die and 5  0  0

3.  Silver medal from the same die and 3  0  0

4.  Bronze medal from the same die and 2  0  0

5.  Bronze medal from the same die and 1  0  0

There were several other rules, including a suggestion that the prints should be not less than 8 1/2 x 6 1/2 inches and not larger than 16 x 20 inches.

Competitors were invited to supply permanent proofs from their negatives, and to enclose in a sealed envelope an estimate for producing 500 similar prints - but this matter would be considered entirely separate from the award.


The Prizes were awarded to the following:





HP Robinson, Tunbridge Wells

Will They Never Come?

Silver + 5

Robert Faulkner, London

Phyllis Frere

Silver + 3 R Slingsby, Lincoln Bramblin'
Bronze + 2 Alfred G Pettit, Keswick A Quiet Mornng
Bronze + 1 Adam Diston Gloamin'



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