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EPS Popular Meetings


Date Speaker Title

29 Jan 1890

GG Mitchell

EPS  Members’ transparencies

Queen Street Hall was filled to its utmost capacity.

There were 45 slides form 27 members + songs which met with hearty applause

26 Feb 1890

Hippolyte J Blanc

Abbeys and Cathedrals of Scotland

28 Jan 1891

Gambier Bolton

Animals and Birds Photographed from Life and Described

illustrated with over 100 slides

25 Feb 1891


EPS  Members’ transparencies

160 slides.  Also a musical party under the charge of Mr McGlashan gave several selections during the evening

16 Dec 1891

W Lamond Howie

A Trip to Ober Ammergau and back in 1890

24 Feb 1892


EPS  Members’ transparencies

Amateur Photographer gave a report of this meeting, and referred to:

"... about 200 slides, the work of members, principally their negatives taken during the last season.  Many of the slides were of great excellence, though one or two showed that all the members were not quite up to making a successful picture for  the lantern."

The journal spoke highly of work by:

- J Patrick: Largo Bay with finely rendered clouds

-  Hugh Brebner:  figure subjects

-  j Stewart Smith:  views in Belgium

HJ Blanc (president)

-  C Reid:  fine animal subjects

"... about 800 persons were present and evidently appreciated the treat provided, only it is rather a pity that a small number of young people made their presence in the hall too prominently manifest.  The time has now passed when a lantern exhibition such as was given on Wednesday should be considered merely an amusement for youngsters."
[Amateur Photographer:  4 Mar 1892]

27 Jan 1893

James Patrick

Round About the Farm

Text: Mrs Jessie P Findlay  

Slides: James Patrick]

24 Feb 1893

Mr Oliphant

EPS  Members’ transparencies

JC Oliphant, EPS President encouraged Members:

"... to see their way to do more lantern work, which had now been made easier and safer."  [Photography: 9/3/1893]

About 150 slides were shown.  Most were landscapes in Scotland, England, Ireland and Wales.  At intervals during the evening, songs were sung by Mr  McGlashan’s musical party.   [Photography: 9/3/1893]

21 Dec 1893

W Lamond Howie

The Scottish Alps

26 Jan 1894

James Patrick

Rambles through Fife with a Camera   

James Patrick delivered the lecture.  It was written by Mrs Jessie Patrick Findlay

120 slides.  Mr Patrick, Mrs Findlay and Miss Snailum sang songs illustrative of the Fife fishing industry, interspersed with poetry.

23 Feb 1894


EPS  Members’ transparencies

The weather was unduly stormy, but nevertheless a very good audience.

170 slides and a musical party under the charge of Mr J Anderson

31 Jan 1895


Concert and Reading

A number of the best-known professional and amateur artists in the city have kindly agreed to give their services.

28 Feb 1895

WW Robertson

Holyrood Abbey and Palace

WW Robertson FSA Scot. of HM Board of Works

28 Mar 1895


EPS  Members’ transparencies

30 Jan 1896

H Bellyse Baildon

The Papuan at Home 
[+ X-Ray slides]

27 Feb 1896

JG Goodchild

The Scottish Coastline 
[+ X-Ray slides]

26 Mar 1896

H Snowdon Ward

EPS  Members’ transparencies      [+ X-Ray slides]

29 Jan 1897

Prof. Robert Wallace

South Africa

26 Feb 1897

W Lamond Howie

 From Mont Blanc to the Matterhorn

26 Mar 1897

Mr Macintyre

EPS  Members’ transparencies  [+Cinematograph]

20 Nov 1897

Captain Morrison

Some Experiences of an Amateur Photographer in the Early Seventies

18 Dec 1897

E L Brown

The Clyde from Lanark to Rothesay 

[Meeting Postponed - until when?]

27 Jan 1898

James Paton

The Great Venetian Painters 

[Curator of Glasgow Corporation Galleries of Art]

24 Feb 1898


EPS  Members’ transparencies    [+Cinematograph]

31 Mar 1898

Rev William Brownlie

Edinburgh in 1826

19 Nov 1898

EL Brown

A Tour in North Wales from Berwyb to Chester

17 12 1898

JB Redman

An Ancient House in Cumberland

18 Jan 1899


EPS  Members’ transparencies  [+Cinematograph?]

23 Mar 1899



8 Dec 1899

A Eddington

The Borderland in Song and Story



Popular Meeting Comments:   Intro        1860s       1870s       1880s       1890s       1900s

Popular Meeting Lists               1860s      1870s       1880s       1890s       1900s