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Greyfriars' Bobby

Postcard by Reginald P Phillimore  -  Greyfriar's Bobby

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Donald Lindgren and The European Library

Here is another postcard by Reginald Phillimore  -  a view is of the statue to Greyfriars Bobby.

This statue and animal's drinking fountain can be found at the junction of George IV Bridge and Candlemaker Row, close to Greyfriars' Church.


The Statue

This statue is in memory of the small Skye terrier that returned daily to sit at his master's gravestone in Greyfriars' Cemetery, from the date of his master's death from tuberculosis in 1857or 1858, every day for 14 years.

Greyfriars' Bobby has been the subject of books and a Walt Disney film.

The reproduction of the postcard above appeared in the book 'The Work of Reginald P Phillimore in Old Picture Postcards' by Donald Lindgren  [ISBN 90 288 5264 6 / CIP].  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Rev. Donald Lindgren and European Library, Zaltbommel, Netherlands.


Bobby's Bar Exhibition

Bobby's Bar, the public house at the top of Candlemaker Row, a few yards from the statue to Greyfriars' Bobby, plans to create an exhibition dedicated to Greyfriars' Bobby and his master. 

Staff at the bar have appealed for items and stories about Greyfriars' Bobby to form part of the exhibition.

Edinburgh Evening News:  29 November 2003, p.13]



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