Reginald P Phillimore



The Vennel

Postcard by Reginald Phillimore  -   The Vennel

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Donald Lindgren and The European Library

The Vennel

Here is another postcard by Reginald Phillimore  -  a view looking ot the north down the Vennel towards the Grassmarket and Edinburgh Castle, beyond.

The grounds of George Heriot's school, formerly Heriot's Hospital lie immediately over the wall to the right.

Flodden Wall

The high wall at the right hand side of this picture is part of the Flodden Wall, built in 1513  after King James IV of Scotland lost his life at the Battle of Flodden.

As with many other postcards by Reginald Philimore, a short story and portrait have been added at the bottom of the picture.  In this case, the portrait is of King James IV.


The reproduction of the postcard above appeared in the book 'The Work of Reginald P Phillimore in Old Picture Postcards' by Donald Lindgren  [ISBN 90 288 5264 6 / CIP].  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Rev. Donald Lindgren and European Library, Zaltbommel, Netherlands.



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