James Jameson

Professional Photographer



James Jameson in 1881 was Master Photographer, aged 42.  He had two sons who were, in 1881:

(i)   John :  aged 4    (born:  Edinburgh)

(ii)  James D:  age 2    (born:  Edinburgh)      [1881 Census]

In the next generation [possibly the son of (i) or (ii) above] was another John Jameson.  I'll refer to him as John Jameson [3].

He was born in 1899 and worked as a photographer for Leyland Motors from the 1930s until 1965.

Son of John Jameson [3] was John Jameson [4] who is currently a practicing photographer in Cheltenham.

Many thanks to John Jameson [4] of Pixel Studios  for the above family details.



James Jameson

1881 Census
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