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James Jameson contributed to discussions at an Edinburgh Photographic Society meeting on 1 February 1882, describing his method of spraying the outside of his studio to cool the air within.   
[BJP:  1882, p.82].

He said:

"We had a few years ago a paper and pretty lively discussion on ventilators [1] and it was remarked then that when there was no wind to work them we must send a boy to the top of the house to blow with a pair of bellows.

If we have not a boy to send we must employ some other motive power, and it is here that my patent comes in.  It is more than a ventilator;  it is a roof cooler and it is a glass roof cleaner. 

Instead of using the motive power to drive pulleys or bellows, I take the motive power - water from the main - through a quarter inch gas pipe, with the end drawn to a point and pierced with a fine needle;  the water is made to play direct on the fans at the top of the ventilator, and at the same time producing a fine spray over the roof.

You can take the pipe any direction you please over the house-top, and with the stop-cock below you regulate the speed.

I am sorry gentlemen that I cannot give you a practical demonstration.  It would have been a pleasure to have given you a duplicate copy of the late royal review, and to have saturated you with the elements;  but respect for the table cover prevents me!

However, by means of a foot-blower, I can demonstrate its action.  As soon as a slight current impinges on the exterior curved vanes the hood revolves and distributes a fine spray in a circle about ten feet in diameter, and at the same time sets in motion an interior archimedian screw, which exhausts the air from the interior.

A sketch of this device appeared beside the article published in BJP and also beside the article published in Transactions of the Edinburgh Photographic Society.

[1]  I'll try to find a copy of this Paper.      Peter Stubbs



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