Carte de visite by the Edinburgh Photographer, John Horsburgh,

of the Edinburgh and Hawick photographer

George Oman

1834 -1894

George Oman

Carte de visite from the studio of John Horsburgh  -  The Edinburgh and Hawick photographer, George Oman      The back of a carte de visite from the studio of John Horsburgh  -  The Edinburgh and Hawick photographer, George Oman

©  The carte de visite above is reproduced with acknowledgement to Russell Young
great-grandson of George Oman


George Oman

Carte de Visite Portrait of George Oman

Here is a carte-de-visite photograph of the Edinburgh and Hawick photographer, George Oman.

George Oman was born on 13 September 1834. 

He lived in Edinburgh, then Hawick in the Scottish Borders before returning to Edinburgh where he died  at 3 Market Street in November 1894.

Russell Young, who is a great grandson of George Oman wrote:


"I can vouch for the authenticity of the Carte-de-visite of George Oman, having been shown it by my own grandmother as a photo of her father, while she looked for the family likeness against an oil painting of her own grandfather (my g-g-grandfather) Nathaniel Oman."

Russell Young  12 January 2005



Ann van der Sluis (née Sutherland)

North Shore City, Auckland, New Zealand

George Oman and Descendants

Ann van der Sluis tells me that, like Russell Young, she has George and Mary Ann Oman as great-grand-parents.

Ann's grandparents, Georgina and Thomas Sutherland emigrated to New Zealand with Ann's father and his sister around 1927.

Ann wrote:

"I'd love to find out more about my family."

Ann van der Sluis, North Shore City, Auckland, New Zealand:  December 13, 2010

George Oman and Descendants

If you'd like to contact Ann, please email me, then I'll pass on your message to her.    Thank you.

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  December 18, 2010


Horsburgh Studios


The carte-de-visite of George Oman, above, comes from the studio of John Horsburgh.

The trade directories list the following businesses at 131 Princes Street, Edinburgh:

- 1868-88:  John Horsburgh

- 1888-98:  John Horsburgh & Son.

Cartes de Visite

I have several many other cartes-de-visite by John Horsburgh, all  still to be added to this web site. 

All the Horsburgh cartes-de-visite that I have seen are in the name of J Horsburgh. (They make no mention of '& Son').  I have eight different styles of back, excluding colour variations.


George Oman and Family

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