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Edinburgh Studios

George Oman was one half of the Stewart & Oman partnership, based at 8 St. Andrew Street, 1864-65.

He then worked under his own name from this address 1866-67, and from 2 Stafford street, 1867-68.

Hawick Studio

George Oman was living in Hawick (about 50 miles to the south of Edinburgh) at the time of his marriage in November 1867. 

[Aileen Oman Riddet]

He went to work for William Scott in Hawick  around 1868.

[DR Torrance]

Russell Young, great-grandson of George Oman has sent me a copy of a carte-de-visite of George Orman's wife, Mary Ann Rutherford, holding her daughter, Jemima Oman.  The back of the carte de visite reads:

Scott & Oman


4 Millport, Hawick

Successors to

William Beattie

I have not yet found any reference to William Beattie at this address.

William Beattie is in D Richard Torrance's booklet, Photographers in Southern Scotland to 1914, listed as a photographer with studio at Old Toll House, 11 Back Row, Hawick, 1855-60.

Hawick Tobacconist

George Oman's third daughter, Mary Ann,  was born in January 1975.  George and his wife were then living in 3 High Street, Hawick, his trade was listed as Tobacconist, on Mary Ann's Birth Certificate.

Here is a photograph of the shop, taken in 2000:

Two great-great-great grandchildren of George Oman, standing in front of 3 High Street, Hawick, the premises used by George Oman as a tobacconist's shop in 1875.

Did George Oman give up his photography for a short time in order to run his tobacconist business in Hawick?  He was listed, again as a photogrpaher in the Edinburgh censuses of 1881 and 1891.

Return to Edinburgh

I don't know how long George stayed in Hawick, or for how long his photographic business continued.  He appeared to been in Hawick at least during the period 1871 to 1875.

However, George Oman was again living in Edinburgh, and described as a photographic artist, at the time of the 1881 census.

He died  of bronchitic asthma in November 1894.  He was living at 3 Market Street at the time (a big gaping hole now - I've checked). His wife was still alive. He was born on September 13, 1934 so would have been aged sixty at the time of his death.


George Oman and Family

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