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Professional Photographer

Retlaws were listed in the Edinburgh trade directories as professional photographers with a studio at 79 Princes Street from 1883 to 1896.

They also submitted photographs to The Practical Photographer to register copyright.  This submission is interesting because it shows that Retlaws were in business the year before they appeared in the trade directories, and it shows the type of photography that they were taking in 1892.
[The Practical Photographer, June 1892, p.186]

In 1892, Retlaws gave their address as Princes Street, Edinburgh.  But what number in Princes Street?  No 79 seems likely, except that Jamieson & Co were listed at that address from 1890 to 1893 in the trade directories.

The 1 July 1892 edition [p.186] included the following announcement:

Retlaws  -  Princes Street, Edinburgh'

1.  Two photographs of the interior of the Solicitors to the Supreme Court of Scotland Library, looking east.

2.  One photograph of the interior of the Solicitors to the Supreme Court of Scotland Library, looking west, with music gallery.

3.  One photograph of entrance hall of Solicitors' Library





William Reid

Photographs in Collections

Edinburgh Public Library Collection includes several photographs by William Reid:

-   9 views of Colinton Church (c.1920)

-  31 views  including (c.1930):

- "Arthurís Seat"

- "Edinburgh Castle"

- "The Braid Burn".


William Reid


Question 1

Was this the same man as William Reid who gave these lectures during EPS Exhibitions?

-  1907:   "The Pentlands and the Moorfoots, their Historical Associations and Scenic Beauties"

-  1908:  "The Environs of Edinburgh"

Question 2

Was this the same man as William Reid appeared in the 1881 census below?


William Reid

1881 Census

William Reid (possibly the same photographer as above?) was listed in the 1881 census as:

General Artist & Photographic (?):  aged 38

Born:  Edinburgh

Resident:  5, Blackfriars Street, Edinburgh

Wife:  Jane C R


1.  Ivan (daughter)

aged 13

(born:  Edinburgh)

2.  Joseph

aged 9

(born:  Edinburgh)

3.  Nellie

aged 7

(born:  Edinburgh)

4.  William

aged 5

(born:  Edinburgh)

5.  Jane S

aged 4 months

(born:  Edinburgh)

[DR Torrance]