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The Truefitt Family


1861 and 1871


1861 Census

72 Princes Street

William Truefitt:       Head:  Photographic Artist     Aged  53 ??   Born  Yorkshire

Francis Truefitt:      Wife:     Aged 46,   Born West Church, Edinburgh

William Truefitt:       Son:  Photographic Artist,  unmarried    Aged 26   
Born St Andrew's Parish, Edinburgh

Frances Truefitt:      Daughter:  unmarried    Aged 24    Born St Andrew's Parish,

Peter Truefitt:          Son:  Photographer,  Unmarried    Aged 21    Born Edinburgh

Jane Truefitt:           Daughter:  unmarried    Aged 19        Born Edinburgh


1871 Census

63 Princes Street

William Truefitt: Head:  Photographer     Aged  40  [not consistent]  Born  Edinburgh

Annie M Truefitt:      Wife:     Aged 39,   Born West Church, Edinburgh

Horace W Truefitt:   Son:  Scholar    Aged 7

Annie M Truefitt:      Daughter:   Scholar     Aged 6

Charles F Truefitt:   Son:     Aged 4

Julia Truefitt:   Daughter:      Aged 3

Elizabeth Truefitt:   Daughter:      Aged 1


1871 Census

65 Princes Street

Frances Truefitt:   Head:   Widow    Aged 50   Born  Edinburgh

Peter Truefitt:      Son:  Photographer   unmarried     Aged 30,   Born  Edinburgh

Fanny Truefitt:   Son:  unmarried    Aged 30

Jane Truefitt:      Daughter:      Aged 23

Janet Flockhart:   Servant:     Aged 21




I have been contacted by a researcher, David Squirrell, who has been  researching the surname "Squirrell". 

He tells me that a descendant of Paul Truefitt was:

-  Ann Squirrell b: Abt. 1808 in Suffolk, England m: 08 March 1829 in Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland Father: William Squirrell Mother: Jane Martel Reference #: A5248

If anybody has any information about the Squirrell family, could they please email me so that I can pass it on to the researcher.    

Thank you.    Peter Stubbs.